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Our Patriot Ancestors

Below is a listing of our member's Patriots, the state they served and their service


Abbreviations used for types of service in the list below: BG=Brigadier General, CS=Civil Service, CAPT=Captain, COL=Colonel, CPL=Corporal, DRM=Drummer,  ENS=Ensign, GRD=Guard, LT=Lieutenant,  LCOL=Lieutenant Colonel,  MAJ=Major,  MID=Midshipman, PS=Patriotic Service, PVT=Private, SGT=Sergeant, SOL=Soldier. 


Johnson Cook, SGT

Richard Doan, PVT

Job Fuller, DRM

Stephen Ransom, SOL



Elisha Alderman, PVT

Nathaniel Chapman, CAPT

James Coe, CPL

William Dana, CAPT, PS

Hollis Hutchins, PVT

William Stacy Sr., LCOL, PS

Nathan Rice, PVT


Absalom Anderson, LT, PS

Philip Casper Bowman, ENS

Archibald Cecil, PS

Stephen Fluharty, SGT

Basil Norman, PVT

Thomas Weakley, PVT

William Whitlatch, PVT, PS

New Hampshire

Andrew McAllister, PVT

New Jersey

Peter Bebout, PVT

Isaac Cowell, PVT

Daniel Gilliland, SGT

John Martin, LT

Joseph Martin, PVT

Francis McConnell, PVT

Reuel Sayre, LT

New York

Matthew Cooper, PVT

Henry Johns, PVT


Joseph Allen, PS

Christian Bauman, PVT

Balthesar Bumgardner, PVT, PS

Jacob Ferree, PVT

Joseph Fox, PVT

Frederick Garst, PVT

Daniel Herbert, SOL, PS

Stewart Herbert, CS, PS

Thomas Hughes, SOL

James Kenney Jr., PVT

James Kenney Sr., PVT, PS

George Kline, SGT

William Lee, SGT

Frederick Metzger, PVT

John Peterman, CAPT

Jacob Peterman, DRM

Benjamin Pyle, PS

Jacob Pyle, PS

Peter Reasoner, CAPT

Jacob Sailor, ENS

Peter Sterigere, PVT

Eliakim Stoops, PVT

Rhode Island

Archibald Crary, COL

Daniel Devol, LT

John Paine, PVT

John Rhodes, CPL


Paulser Butcher, PVT

Joseph Louis Cheuvront, PS

Richard Dotson, PS

Michael Drake, PVT

Richard Durrett Sr., PS

Edmund Edwards, PS

David Gibson, ENS

George Hammett, PVT

Jesse Hord, PS

Arthur McClure, PS

Charles McDowell, BG, CS, PS

William Norris Jr., PVT

Bailey Rice, PVT

George Roush, PVT

Philip Roush, PVT

Andrew Skidmore, PVT

Jacob Smith, PVT

John Stuart, CAPT

William Suttles, SOL

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