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Mound Cemetery and its Soldiers

Mound Cemetery

Many historians have claimed that "more Revolutionary War OFFICERS are buried in Mound Cemetery than any other cemetery in the United States." Unfortunately, we have discovered no documentation of the factual accuracy of this statement. The Marietta Chapter SAR, working with local historical and genealogical groups...and the general public, hopes to prove/disprove this statement and document it once and for all. 

Photo of the map of the Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in historical Mound Cemetery in Marietta, Ohio.

Military Service of Revolutionary War Patriots Buried in Mound Cemetery

BERRY, ISAAC, Born 1762; Died 5 Nov 1863.

BOSWORTH, SALA (MA), Private in Capt Calvin Partridge's Company. Marched in Lt Col. Samuel Regiment Plymouth Company May 21, 1799; also in Capt Jesse Sturdevant's Company, Col John Jacob's Regiment Jul 3-26, 1780. Born 11 Mar 1764-Halifax, MA; Married 21 Feb 1788-Rebecca Perkins; Died 12 Oct 1823-Marietta, OH.


BUELL, JOSEPH, Assigned to Ft. Harmar; Appointed Major General of the 3rd Division of Ohio Militia on 7 Jan 1804 by the House & Senate. In Dec 1806, he captured the boats and supplies from reaching Aaron Burr as part of the treasonous “Burr Conspiracy” plot. Born Feb 1760 or 1763-Killingworth, CT; Married 15 Feb 1789-Siba Hand; Died 13 Jun 1812.


DODGE, NATHANIEL (NH), Enlisted as a soldier in New Hampshire in 1780. Born 3 Jul 1763-Hampton Falls, NH; Married 1782-Rebecca Walton; Died 13 May 1838.


EMERSON, EPHRAIM (MA), Private. Born 1767-S. Reading, MA; Died 1 Feb 1833-Newport, OH.


EVANS, NATHAN (NY), Private in Col Van Schoonhoven NY Troops. Born 1742; Died 1820-Marietta, OH.


FLAGG, GERSHOM, JR (MA), Matross. Served 8 Mar 1777 – 31 Dec 1779 in the following: Capt Briant’s & Capt. Frothingham’s Company of Col. John Crane’s 3rd Artillery Regiment Continental Troops; Served in Capt John White’s 2nd Worcester County Company; Capt Briant’s Company of Col Mason’s Regiment Continental Army; Saw active service 1791-1792 in the Indian War. Born 11 Apr 1758-Lancaster, MA; Married 25 Jun 1778-Editha Hitchcock; Died 1792-Marietta, OH. Originally buried near fort in Marietta.


FOSTER, EPHRAIM (MA), Private in New Haven Continental Troops. In Capt John Cushey’s Company of Minute Men, Col Samuel Johnson’s Regiment. Born 1750-Boxford, MA; Died 25 Sep 1823-Marietta, OH.


GOODWIN, SIMEON (NH),  Adjutant in Col. Timothy Bedell’s Regiment. Member Committee of Safety, Haverhill, NH in 1775. Baptized 14 Nov 1742-Haverhill, MA; died 17 August 1823-Marietta, OH.


GREEN, GRIFFIN (RI), Quartermaster & Paymaster. Served as commissary to the RI Troops in 1775. In 1777 was paymaster in Christopher Green’s Regiment. Born 20 Feb 1749-Warwick, RI; Married Sarah “Sally” Greene; Died Jun 1804-Marietta, OH.


GREEN, JOHN (MA), Enlisted 13 Jul 1775 as Private in Capt Seth Washburn’s Company. Born 1759-Leicester, MA; Married T.P. Greene & remarried Eliza Greene; Died 11 Nov 1832-Marietta, OH.


HATCH, JAMES D (MA), Private in Continental Line. Born 1763-MA; Died 8 Oct 1839.


HILDRETH, DR. SAMUEL (MA), Surgeon. Born 1750-Townsend, MA; Died 1823-Belpre, OH.


HOLT, JOHN, Born 1750-Lancashire, England; Died 2 Sep 1807.


KERR, MATTHEW (PA), Private in Capt Robert Wilkinson’s Company of Col Robert Magaw’s 6th PA Regiment & Lt. Col Josiah Harmar’s 5th PA Regiment. Served from 1 Jan 1776 to Jan 1783, including the defense of Ft. Washington on the Hudson where he was taken prisoner. Born of Scotch descent from Northern Ireland; Married Margaret (Unknown); Killed 17 Jun 1791 during Indian War in his canoe near Kerr’s (now Buckley’s) Island, Marietta, OH.


LANKTON, LEVI, Born 31 Dec 1754; Married Elizabeth Crane; Died 28 Nov 1843.


LINCOLN, JOSEPH (MA), Major. Born 1760-Gloucester, MA; Married 14 Nov 1790-Frances Leavens; Died 2 Sep 1807-Marietta, OH. One of the original 48 Pioneers.


MCALLISTER, ANDREW (NH); Private in Capt. John Parker’s Company; Samuel Young’s Company; Col. Timothy Bedell’s Regiment. Born 6 Sep 1741-NH; Married 1761/62-Rebecca Robinson; Died 23 Jan 1816.


MOULTON, WILLIAM, JR, One of the original 48 Pioneers.



MUNRO, JOSIAH, Ensign, Lt. 1777 & Capt 1780; served to close of war; Born 12 Feb 1745-Lexington, MA; Married 15 Nov 1768-Susannah Fitch; Died Aug 1801-Marietta, OH. One of the original 48 Pioneers.


NYE, ICHABOD (MA), Served in Col Porter’s Regiment & Col Sear’s Regiment 1 Jan 1781-31 Dec 1783, including Burgoyne’s Surrender. Born on 21 Dec 1762-Tolland, CT; Married Mar 1785-Minerva Tupper & remarried 20 Aug 1839-Rebecca (Howe) Beebe; Died 27 Nov 1840-Marietta, OH.


PRENTISS, STAUNTON, Captain. Wagon master in Lafayette’s Army. Born 17 Nov 1750-Lancaster, MA; Married Mary Fowler & Mary Jennison/Genison; Died 21 Jul 1826-Marietta, OH.


PUTNAM, EZRA (MA), Major in Col John Mansfield’s 19th Regiment. Served 3 months, 3 days. Born 1728-Middletown, MA; Married 21 Jun 1750-Lucy Putnam; Died 19 Mar 1811.


PUTNAM, RUFUS (MA), Private, Quartermaster Sergeant & Ensign in the French & Indian War. Lt. Colonel in May 1775. Employed as Engineer in defenses of Roxbury & Long Island. Appointed Colonel 6 Aug 1776. Engineered fortifications that were erected overnight at Dorchester Heights forcing the British to evacuate Boston. Supervised the building of fortifications at West Point, NY that defended the strategic Hudson River through the close of the war. Commissioned Brigadier General Jan 1783. Reactivated as Brigadier General during the Indian Wars. Born 9 Apr 1738-Sutton, MA; Married 6 Apr 1761-Elizabeth Ayres & remarried 10 Jan 1765-Persis Rice; Died on 4 May 1824-Marietta, OH. Leader of the original 48 Pioneers.


ROGERS, JOSEPH, Captain. Officer in Gen Morgan’s Rifle Company at the taking of Burgoyne.


SALTONSTALL, NATHANIEL (MA), First Commandant at Ft. Trumble. Captain in Artillery Company, New London, CT. Commanded the Warren Frigate & the ship Putnam. Born 1727-New London, CT; Married Rebecca Young; Died 1807-Marietta, OH.


SHEPHERD, ENOCH (NH), Captain Pay Roll of Officers of a detachment for 3rd Hampshire Company, commanded by Lt Col Timothy Robinson. Marched to Ticonderoga 21 Oct 1776 to reinforce army by order of Gen. Schuyler. Born 23 Oct 1742-Westfield, MA; Married 5 Sep 1761-Esther Dewey & remarried 1798-Margaret Gass; Died 17 Sep 1821-Marietta, OH.


SPROAT, EBENEZER (MA), Major in Col Sheppard’s 10th MA Regiment & Lt. Colonel in Glover’s Brigade. Born 1752-Middlebrough, MA; Married Apr 1781-Katherine Whipple; Died 4 Feb 1805-Marietta, OH. Called “Old Hetuck” (Big Buckeye) by the native tribes. One of the original 48 Pioneers.


STACY, WILLIAM, SR (MA), Made Captain of the New Salem militia company formed at time of Lexington Alarm, being the first of his unit to renounce his allegiance to the King. Promoted to Lt. Colonel of Col Ichabod Alden’s Regiment of the MA Line. He was taken prisoner 11 Nov 1778 at Cherry Valley, NY and held 4 years. Born 15 Feb 1734-Gloucester, MA. Married 9 Dec 1750-Sarah Day & remarried 29 Jul 1790-Hannah Sheffield; Died 1804-Marietta, OH.


TAYLOR, ROBERT (RI), Colonel. Born 1736/37; Married 13 Jun 1759-Jane Alexander; Died 30 Sep 1801. First Pioneer burial in Mound Cemetery.


THOMAS, JEREMIAH, Born 1756-Middleboro, MA; Died 3 Aug 1849.


TRUE, DR. JABEZ (MA), Engaged as Surgeon on board privateer ship. Born 1760-Hempstead, NH; Married 11 Dec 1806-Sarah “Sally” (Boardman) Mills; Died 5 Sep 1823.

TUCKER, WILLIAM, Served in Col. Ebenezer Sproat's regiment; Died 7 Sep 1820 or 1 Sep 1822; Wife Mary.


TUPPER, ANSELM (MA), Lieutenant in Benjamin Tupper’s 11th MA Regiment. Appointed Adjutant in Col Sproat’s Regiment in 1779, fought at North River, Trenton, Princeton & Monmouth & served from 1776 at age 13 to the close of the war. Born 11 Oct 1763-Easton, MA; Died 25 Dec 1808-Marietta, OH. One of the original 48 Pioneers.


TUPPER, BENJAMIN (MA), Lieutenant in Chesterfield militia under Major Halley, participating in preventing the Supreme Court from sitting under British authority. Major in events at Boston Harbor. Lt. Colonel. Colonel in 1776, fighting at Long Island, serving in Gen Gates’ Campaign in 1777, had a horse killed under him at Monmouth & served in the army of the Hudson in 1780. Brevetted Brigadier General at the close of the war. Also performed an important part in suppressing Shay’s Rebellion after the war. Born 11 Mar 1738-Sharon, MA; Married 18 Nov 1762-Huldah White; Died 16 Jun 1792-Marietta, OH.


WHIPPLE, ABRAHAM (RI), Commanded a Privateer at the close of the French & Indian War. Commodore of RI fleet in 1775. Commissioned Captain in Navy 7 Dec 1776. Commodore of fleet of vessels during summer of 1779. First American to fire upon the British at sea. Led the burning of the British ship “Gaspee” to the waterline 17 Jun 1772, said to be the first overt act of the Revolution. Two days before Bunker Hill, he attacked two British vessels at Narragansett Bay, captured one & forced the other to retire. First to fly the American flag on the River Thames in England. Advanced large sums of money for naval supplies and served without pay from Dec 1776 to Dec 1782. Born 26 Sep 1733-Providence, RI; Married 2 Aug 1761-Sarah Hopkins; Died 27 May 1819-Marietta, OH.


WILLCOX, JOSEPH (MA), Ensign 1 Jan 1777; 2nd Lieutenant 25 Jan 1778; 1st Lieutenant 12 Jan 1780; Captain 1781; Adjutant General of MA Infantry 1 Jun 1781; State Marshall, Served 1776-1783. Born 18 Sep 1747-Killingworth, CT, Married 30 Jan 1785-Phebe Morgan; Died 18 Jan 1817.


WOODBRIDGE, DUDLEY, SR (MA), Minuteman during the war. Born 9 Oct 1747-Stonington, CT; Married 28 Apr 1774-Lucy Backus; Died 6 Aug 1823.

Information compiled from “The Official Roster of the Soldiers of the American Revolution Buried in the State of Ohio,” by the Daughters of the American Revolution, © 1929; “History of Marietta and Washington County, Ohio and Representative Citizens” by Martin R. Andrews, © 1902; “Mound Cemetery, Marietta, Ohio,” by Owen Hawley, Copyright 1996 & Various Records of the Marietta Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution.

Revolutionary Patriots In The “DAR Plot” At Mound Cemetery


Patriots with markers listed in the “DAR Plot” are veterans of the American Revolution who are believed to be buried in Washington County (or within the boundaries of Washington County as it existed at the time of their death), but whose final resting place is unmarked and unknown:



Allen Asher   1746-1840

James Glover   1757-1805

Hugh Allison   1747-1824  

John Green   1743-1832

Robert Allison   1755-1812  

Dr. Josiah (Joseph) Hart   1742(?)-1812

John Amlin   Died 1816  


John Hill   1757-1842


Caleb Barstow   Died 1823  


Nathaniel Hinckley   1756-1840


John Bevins   1760-1839  

Cornelius Hoskins   1738 or 1833


John Broome   1744-1825  


William Hovey   1748-1832


Nathaniel Chapman   1746-1847  


Benoni Prettyman Hurlburt   1745-1791


Daniel Clay   1764/65-1824  


Zebulon King   Died 1789

George Cline   Ca.1740-1795  


Isaac Melvin   1752/53-1842/45

Asa Coburn   1741-1789  


John Mills   1740-1821


Thomas Cory   1763-1822  


Frederick Nantz   1761-1835/36


Dudley Davis   1764-1825  


Bazeel Norman   1757-1830

Stephen Devol   1745-1803  

Robert Oliver   1738-1811


Thomas Dickerson   1756/57-1827  


James Owen   1750-1807


James Dutton   1743-1839  


Amos Porter   1742-1807


Anthony Evans   1752-1822  


Allen Putnam   1762-1806


Ambrose Everts   1759-1799 (or 1802)  


James Russell   1746-1821


Enoch Flanders   1739-1810  


Abraham Saunders   1748-1824


Sherebian Fletcher   1760-1844  

Timothy Sherman   1759-1827

Henry Franks   1741-1846  


Peter Van Clief   1753-1816


Solomon Fuller   1756-1809  

Ignatius Waterman   1759-1848

Timothy Gates   1747-1822  


David White   1765-1840


Jeremiah Gillman   (no dates)  


Peter Wickersham   1765-1841

Samuel Williamson 1745-1808


The above information was read and compiled in 2004 by Millie Covey Fry and Francis Parlin. Patriots with markers listed in the “DAR Plot” are veterans of the American Revolution who are believed to be buried in Washington County (or within the boundaries of Washington County as it existed at the time of their death), but whose final resting place is unmarked and unknown. The map on the cover details the burial plots of the 37 Revolutionary War veterans believed to be buried in Mound Cemetery is a re-creation of the large plaque, designed by F. Graydon Bay, located at the end of the brick walkway. If you have any additional information and/or corrections about any of these Patriots, please contact us.


The Marietta Chapter, Sons of the American Revolution wishes also to thank the following groups associated with the recent restoration of the Mound Cemetery: The Marietta Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution for their financial contributions in restoring the Mound Cemetery gateway and entrance fencing and their continued support of all of our activities; The City of Marietta for prioritizing the cemetery entrance sidewalk replacement project to allow it to be completed prior to this event, installing electrical service to the flag pole and their support of efforts to honor our historic past; Jim & Sylvi Caporale at American Flags & Poles for assisting us with the flag pole & its new lighting system; and a special thank you for the hours of work put in by the youths from the Washington County Juvenile Center to install a concrete pad for the flag pole lighting system, straightening & repairing the stone wall surrounding the Putnam family plot and for helping to cleaning up the cemetery

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