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Basil Norman - African American Patriot


As seen in Finding Your Roots appearing on PBS (season 8 episode 1)






Basil Norman (12 July 1750 - 17 July 1830).


Basil was his birth name according to the 1750 court records but, due to the lack of 18th century English spelling conformity, he was also known as Bazabeel, Bazaleel, Bazel, Bazil, Bazael, Bazzell and Bazlo.


Basil was a free mulatto (biracial) Revolutionary War soldier serving in the 7th Maryland Regiment under the command of Colonel John Gunby from June 6, 1777 until July 31, 1783.

Patriot Basil Norman is the ancestor of Marietta Chapter member Denver Norman.

250th Anniversary
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