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Military Patriots

Revolutionary War Patriots

One of our first projects was to learn about the Patriots of the American Revolution who were the pioneer settlers of Washington County. After ten years of research and assistance from many who came before us, we have produced a list of 292 Patriots who served our Country during the American Revolution and their final resting spot is Washington County Ohio.

Fort Harmar

Our new Fort Harmar Section contains a very large amount of material copiled by Mille (Covey) Fry. It contains countless hours of research on a number of aspects of this fort. It also contains a large amount of acompanying documentary resources to learn about this important subject in the settlement of the Marietta and Washington County area.

Mound Cemetery Soldiers

Map and list of the Revolutionary War Soldiers buried in historical Mound Cemetery in Marietta, Ohio. Many historians have claimed that "more Revolutionary War OFFICERS are buried in Mound Cemetery than any other cemetery in the United States." Unfortunately, we have discovered no documentation of the factual accuracy of this statement. The Marietta Chapter SAR, working with local historical and genealogical groups and the general public, hopes to prove/disprove this statement and document it once and for all.

The Spirit of '76 Patriots is a list of 606 names of Soldiers and Sailors of the American Revolution who supposedly lived or were buried in Washington County, Ohio that were compiled in 1976.

Spirit of '76 Patriots

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