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You saw the SAR Color Guard marching in a parade, in step, with their swords, muskets, uniforms and tricorn hats……

You visited a cemetery and discovered an ancestor with a DAR or SAR marker on it, your ancestor…..served in the war for American independence

You have discovered genealogy and with it the fact that your family served.

So you want to join the Sons of the American Revolution?

Many people think that in order to join the Sons of the American Revolution you must be descended through the male line from the soldier to the applicant. That is not so. The soldier may be your mother’s mother’s mother’s father’s mother’s father, or any formula back and forth between male and female. Some of the patriots who served the cause were, in fact, women. Not everyone who served in the American Revolution were soldiers. Many were too old to take up arms, and served instead by joining Committees of Safety, held public office, supplied arms or food, served as nurses and doctors, a hundred different ways. Many different nationalities were involved. This was a World War involving not only Britain and her Colonies in America, but also France, Holland, Poland, Spain and others. The citizens of these American Colonies were, themselves, of several nationalities. But for one vote, the United States speaks English today instead of German.

Your first attempt at identifying an American Patriot ancestor may, in fact, produce a Loyalist. That, in itself, is interesting, but if your heart is set on finding an American patriot, keep looking. Let’s say the Loyalist had a daughter who was your ancestor. Look to her husband or his father. Many members of the SAR have multiple ancestors who served the cause. The member joins under one ancestor (referred to as primary ancestor). He may then continue registering his other ancestors who served (supplemental applications). It is possible for some people to have dozens of supplementals. What I am saying is, don’t give up! You can’t lose. The more you search, the more you will discover about your family, American Patriot or Loyalist.


Either way, you can’t lose.

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Approved Applications from other Hereditary Societies

The SAR will accept approved applications from the DAR and CAR. 

Additional material may need to be supplied for final approval.

If you feel that you are patriotic, strive for historic preservation and educational accuracy and appreciate fellowship, and you are descended from at least one man or woman who served during

the American Revolution, click on the new member contact link below:

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